Your inner world reflects your outer world

There are those phases in your life where you work towards a bigger impact, where you see how you influence your community. And then there are also those phases where you work on yourself – making it through a difficult time or healing.

I am just coming out of the second one 🙂 – after a lot of live teaching in recent weeks I took the last week to recover from a tooth inflammation and extraction and at the same time going through monthly PMS (yeah, some of you ladies will feel me :)).

While spending more time on self-care like sauna and icebathing, yoga and breathwork I noticed: when I need to spend energy on my own healing, I have less patience and energy available for my external work. I used to feel bad for being less available, for being able to do fewer things and to just be more.

But feeling bad and guilty makes it all the worse – it’s a low vibrating emotion and it is an emotion which is felt way to often in many of us.

Being able to notice this shift within myself is a skill I just mastered recently and there is still a way to go to perfection  :). It became my most important inner compass.

Being able to analyse how my body feels in different parts, how my breath and heart rate flow and they path my thoughts take is my first step towards being able to observe them, take them as they are and potentially move towards another direction.

This combination of introspection with tolerance was huge for me – for most parts of my life I wasn’t able to see myself going down a certain spiral or rabbit hole.

After sitting or lying with what I feel and allowing the feeling to pass through me my third step comes in: Noticing that even though I feel a certain negative emotion and it might feel satisfying for a short amount of time, the spikes of this negative emotion towards the world or someone else, are ultimately having the most harmful effect on myself. So maybe it is time to process and shift the emotion?

And this my friend is where my most favourite thing in the world comes in: Breathwork!

Every emotion you feel is ALWAYS related to a specific breath pattern. Thus if you change your breath, you will be able to shift your mood and emotional state within a matter of minutes.

In my last self – care week I did it soo many times:
shifting from feeling anxious before the dental surgery to feeling calm and in controlshifting from feeling irritated and angry due to PMS and a high work load to feeling blissful and gratefulshifting from feeling exhausted and hopeless when looking at the state of the world to feeling hopeful that I can have some impact every day and that every bit matters

My breath is my anchor. My breath is my guide book. My breath is my boat. Carrying me through all the emotional tides and allowing me to choose the journey I want to be on – every single moment of my life!

You breathe more than 18.000 times a day – I want to invite you onto a journey to understand your breath and to give you all the tools to ride the waves of your breath smoothly. I want for guide you into the depths of your inner world, I want to help you explore islands within yourself which you never even know existed.

Allow me to take you on this journey to learn and experience the power of your breath in combination with music, storytelling and personalized coaching.

Let’s go together on this journey – doors of my new virtual retreat program will open 15th of December – mark your calendars for that night at 20.15 pm CET for a live breathwork where we breathe and flow and I will be answering all of your questions. Bring your friends and family along and share this invite with them.
I cannot wait to meet you!

Love and light.

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