Imka Webb

“I recently attended one of Johanna Lehmann’s virtual BreathJourneys. I felt deeply overwhelmed with all the work I have on my plate, and I didn’t feel inspired to get creative. I was tired, and I was just feeling down and uninspired. An hour with Johanna is just what I needed to get my creative spunk back. Taking a mental holiday helped me feel less stressed, more focussed and more creative. I so enjoyed escaping from real life for a few minutes and focusing on myself and my own wellbeing for a change. What a wonderful, joyful and inspiring session. I loved it!”

- Imka Webb, Digital Marketer and owner of Imka Webb Digital Marketing


“Wow!! There are so many self development programs and it’s often about following the advice of a certain type of guru, but with this type of breathwork I was able to tap so deep into my inner wisdom that I felt opening up to my own guru and just let go of a lot of stuff. Johanna powerfully and authentically led me on this journey and guided me on with breathing techniques! I could clearly tell that she absolutely loves and believes in this powerful work!”

- Alexander Heene, Berlin


I am trying to balance my full-on corporate job, 2 little children, volunteering, and my startup. This awesome combination of breathwork, music and guided imagery helps me achieve a meditative state, improve my sleeping, and puts a big smile on my face.

- Ana Herrero, Manager and Founder of My Mindful Money


“I love how the breathwork journeys of Tiger & Turtle give me so much calm and clarity. It became my ‘weekly fix’ during my hectic weeks as startup operator and investor. it brings me back to my core and forces me to focus on the things that really matter: the people who I care about deeply and my own health. Thank you for sharing your gift, Johanna!”

- Anke Huiskes, Angel investor, San Francisco


A truly euphoric experience! Through the power of breath I felt a similar level of energy and intuitive insight gained after an hour run. Totally sold on the effectiveness this workshop can bring.

- Estee Chaikin, Growth Manager at ERTH