Tiger & Turtle Retreat

13 - 15th September 2024

( 💛Stay an additional night free of charge💛)


  • Tap into altered states of consciousness & transformation
  • Experience deep meditation, peace & healing


  • Come home to your body
  • Flow & rise with body & mind
  • Gain stability & strength

Coaching & Community

  • Reflect on your life & find your inner resources, joy, love and piece
  • Connect with a like-minded people & stay in touch through a private group


  • Learn how to use tapping to change your state & let go of limiting beliefs
  • Understand how to use EFT on a daily basis to feel better

The location, date & times

B&B Frankrijk Noord
Prelaatweg 5
4361 JB Westkapelle

Date & times:
Start: Friday, Sept, 13th 2023 at approx. 3 pm
End Program: Sunday, Sept, 15th 2024 at approx. 5pm
Plus:You can sleep at the location another night for free to enjoy some more me-time at the location! (check out latest by Monday, 16th at 11am)

We are looking forward to a beautiful mix of time in nature, yoga, breathwork, meditation, coaching, me-time,exploring the surroundings and time together!


Preliminary Schedule 


Day 1: Relax

  • Arrival in the afternoon
  • Welcome Yoga & Intention setting
  • Welcome Dinner at the Farmhouse and opening get-together

Day 2: Release

  • Morning Breathwork & yoga
  • Breakfast at the Farmhouse
  • Guided MasterMind
  • Lunch
  • Free afternoon at the beach
  • Dinner at the Farmhouse
  • Dance Meditation & Transformative Breathwork Session
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Welcome Circle

Day 3: Reconnect

  • Morning Breathwork & Yoga “My perfect day”
  • Brunch in the Farmhouse
  • EFT Coaching Session
  • Lunch in the Farmhouse
  • Final Circle
  • Departure

Day 4: Enjoy

  • Enjoy your room and the location for an additional night for some additional me-time and exploring nearby restaurants and cafes
  • Note: this extra day contains no official program and catering anymore
westkapelle beach

Your benefits

  • Take time for yourself to relax, reconnect and gain new energy
  • Reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed by everyday life
  • Improve emotional and physical health
  • Get inspiration how to have more energy for what you really want
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Learn how to deal with obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Learn tools and methods to feel more energized, happy and joyful
  • Connect with a group of like-minded people and build a new support network
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The Retreat Hosts

Johanna Lehmann

Founder Tiger & Turtle

Johanna is the Founder of Tiger & Turtle, a digital platform coaching and inspiring followers with innovative breathing techniques. Drawn to wellness and mindfulness through her extensive travels around the world and time spent living outside her native Germany - from San Francisco to Singapore - she’s trained extensively with Breath Master and world-record holder Wim Hof and Biohacker Kasper van der Meulen as well as the founder of SOMA breath Niraj Naik.

Now a 300 hr certified yoga teacher and author, she combines her breathwork training with her gift for storytelling and visualization to allow the power of breath to be experienced on a deeper level. A veteran of the corporate world, she offers private and group breathwork coaching journeys to entrepreneurs and executives alike.

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Plant based retreat Chef

She loves to share her passion for good and pure food with other people. Cooking with local produce, free from refined sugar and using seasonal veggies is her way to care for mother nature and to support other people on their journey to a more conscious and balanced life. With a lot of love and passion she prepares meals for (yoga) retreats and with a table of delicious and healthy food she loves to connect people with each other.


Laurie A. Santos

Life Coach Laurie

Laurie A. Santos, aka “Life Coach Laurie” is an internationally accredited EFT (Tapping) therapist, Reiki Master, and Human Design Coach. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she started her coaching practice in 2002. She also has a master of science in Criminology and a bachelor of science in Anthropology. Laurie specializes in helping professionals and entrepreneurs overcome imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs so they can step into their ultimate empowerment in order to live their dreams, vision and purpose.


Your investment

Early Bird:
890 EUR (incl. all costs)

Note: This retreat can be deducted as a business expense.


  • Boutique B&B close to the beach in Zeeland, Netherlands (4 double rooms with private bathroom)
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals per full day  (between 13th and 15th)
  • Inspiring group sessions & sharing circles
  • Daily Breathwork sessions 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Intro & Experience
  • Yoga sessions + meditation
  • Beach walks
  • Cacao  & dance
  • Small group size of 10 attendees maximum 
  • Optional free night until 16th of Sept to enjoy the beach & location

Languages spoken: English, German, Dutch




1:1 breathwork journey session with Johanna: 60 min for 120€
1:1 biohacking consultation with Johanna: 30 min for 90€
Combine the retreat with 1 year of online program "Stress Release Toolbox" to let go & fly high any time before and after the Mastermind Retreat Details here - DM me if interested.

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In our current time we are suffering from several disconnections:

to myself


to others

unnamed (1)

to the planet


It all starts with everyone of us. We feel disconnected from our true nature as we feel we need to fit in and adapt our self to be liked & loved by suppressing our real needs and qualities. This process takes up lots of energy and often feels very stressful to us. We find ourselves hyper-activated with our nervous systems being constantly in fight, flight or freeze mode. In this state our thinking isn’t clear and we can’t feel our body and strong emotions anymore. As a business owner we lack clarity, connection and community.

The good news is: there is a place out there where you can experience all of that. 

Through breathwork, yoga, masterminding and coaching we can find a place within us - where we can access states of calmness, peace and trust and emotions of love, joy and flow. This reconnection to our own being allows us to authentically reconnect with others and the world around us. So that we can create the impact we wish to achieve in our lives and businesses.