The 1-Day Breathmagic Retreat

in the heart of Amsterdam

June, 23rd 2023

In association with:

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The location, date & times

House of Rituals
Level 4, Mind Spa
Spui 10
1012 PP Amsterdam

Date & times:
June, 23rd 2023
from 11 am to 6 pm

We are looking forward to help you experience  all the beautiful rituals of self-care in a mix of yoga, breathwork, meditation, raw cacao and time together! We are super excited to introduce you to this serene location in the heart of Amsterdam.

Who is this for?

  • You are a female entrepreneur, coach, creative or manager
  • You want to reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • You want to learn self care tools to quickly ground, calm & energize you
  • You want quick self care tools to help you enjoy life & work more
  • You want to release tension, stress and beliefs that do not serve you
  • You want to learn breathwork for everyday life
  • You want to make new connections with a group of like-minded people
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Tiger & Turtle Retreat1
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The exchange for the 1 day Retreat is EUR 210  (excl. VAT) 


  • 1 Day breath magic retreat at the Mind Spa with various sessions
  • Mini Breathmagic Toolbox to take home to keep the relaxed and rejuvenated feeling alive for days to come
  • Cacao moment + healthy lunch
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Access to the Private Mind Spa Experiences (1 Experience per person)
  • Lots of new connections & self-care tools

If you want to join, please send an email to to save your spot. Discount apply for startup teams - dm me :). Please notice that this schedule of elements and speakers is preliminary and there might be changes to it. 

Due to the size of the location, we have a limited number of spots. First come - first serve! Your spot is reserved as soon as we have received your payment.

Want to deepen your Breathwork Experience
beyond the 1 Day ?

Are you a coach, entrepreneur or team leader and would like to dive deeper into using the breath as a tool to help regulate your own emotions and help other to do the same?

Would you want to dive deep into how to use the power of the breath to activate healing, improve your relationships or help yourself and others tap into their intuition?

Get access to Johanna's Signature program (including monthly live calls and 8 modules)
with reduced pricing:
1 Day Retreat + 6 Months Training at  440 EUR (excluding VAT)

In our current time we are suffering from several disconnections:

to myself


to others

unnamed (1)

to the planet


It all starts with everyone of us. We feel disconnected from our true nature as we feel we need to fit in and adapt our self to be liked & loved by suppressing our real needs and qualities. This process takes up lots of energy and often feels very stressful to us. We find ourselves hyper-activated with our nervous systems being constantly in fight, flight or freeze mode. In this state our thinking isn’t clear and we can’t feel our body and strong emotions anymore.

The good news is, we can learn to regulate ourselves managing our emotional & physical state.

Through breathwork, yoga, music and cacao we can find a place within us - where we can access states of calmness, peace and trust and emotions of love, joy and flow. This reconnection to our own being allows us to authentically reconnect with others and the world around us.

What to Expect


  • Tap into altered states of consciousness & transformation
  • Experience deep meditation, peace & healing
  • Learn how to use it to impact physical and emotional state


  • Come home to your body & soul
  • Flow & rise with breath & movement
  • Connect your breath with movement


  • Learn tools to take this work into your daily life so that you can relax in less than 15 minutes daily
  • Express your voice and calm your mind

Cacao Experience

  • Learn more about the use of cacao
  • Connect with your heart and soul
  • Feel the heart opening effect of a full dose of raw cacao

Live Music 

  • Experience the power of live music in combination with cacao
  • Invite your voice to dance with your heart
  • Express your voice and calm your mind

Sessions of the day

Welcome Circle

Session 1: Welcome Circle

Session 2: Cacao Moments, Music & Movement

Tiger & Turtle Retreat7

Session 3: Transformational Breathwork

Session 4: Mindful Lunch

Tiger and Turtle Launch Shoot-74 (1)

Session 5: Breathwork Training for everyday

Session 6: Private Mindspa Experience

Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 10.00.03
Cacao movements

Session 7: Dance beats Meditation

Session 8: Closing Circle

Welcome Circle

Who are we

Johanna 3

Johanna Lehmann

Tiger & Turtle

Johanna is the Founder of Tiger & Turtle, a digital platform coaching and inspiring followers with innovative breathing techniques. Drawn to wellness and mindfulness through her extensive travels around the world and time spent living outside her native Germany - from San Francisco to Singapore - she’s trained extensively with Breath Masters around the world, Wim Hof, Kasper van der Meulen as well as Niraj Naik.

Also a 300 hr certified yoga teacher and author, she combines her breathwork training with her gift for storytelling and visualization to allow the power of breath to be experienced on a deeper level.

Screen Shot 2023-05-07 at 21.14.04

Kim de Vries

This is Eden

Kim started This is EDEN. EDEN. is an active meditation in which we use the unique combination of electronic music, dance and meditation. This practice makes it able to drop out of the mind, into the body into a delicious state of presence, joy & gratitude. Our lives go so fast and there are just so little moments to make us realize that we are alive. That’s why we founded THIS.IS.EDEN. To remember the miracle of being alive. To let go of the daily worries and reconnect with who you truly are.


Leonie Eshuis

Pure kakaw

Leonie has an intimate connection with cacao and the jungles it comes from. Together with Erik she started the project Pure Kakaw. They have a personal relationship with the farms and directly import high quality cacao from 3 origins - Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Peru. The Pure Kakaw project supports food forests, regenerative farming and local communities. In cacao events Leonie works with music, systemic work, breath and yoga to connect with our bodies and a heart-centred way of being.