Reflecting on your journey – Journaling Exercise

Hey my friend, 

It is your breath again and I cannot say how thankful I am that you finally connected with me on such a deep level. 

I wanted to be your partner in crime for all of your life and now we finally made it happen!! I am thrilled that I was able to show you some aspects of this super power you carry within yourself, that I was able to help you explore this inner pharmacy you have within. 

As you look back at your journey so far I invite you to do a little journaling exercise to reflect on journey and transformations.  

Do some breathwork to tap into your intuition and then answer those questions:

  1. What was my goal of this journey? 
  2. What did I learn through this journey? 
  3. What part of my goal did I achieve? 
  4. Where did I fail – aka learned that there is still a beautiful path ahead of me? 
  5. Which benefits took I away from this journey which I didn’t expect? 
  6. How will I commit to continue this journey from this day onward?