Intro to Breathwork

Here is a short video (3 min) to give you an overview on how your lungs work.

Breathwork is the term used to refer to any type of breathing exercises or techniques. Breathwork is performed to improve mental health, physical health, and spiritual well-being by intentionally changing your breathing pattern.

Think of breathwork as a remote control that can instantly change the state of your nervous system. In this example, the state of your nervous system relates to your state of being. In other words, breathwork can instantly change the state of your being giving you a direct response on how your body feels. 

Why to use breathwork?

Hey, we get you. You optimise your nutrition and your relationships. You do several courses focused on improving your performance and you go to the gym.

But… Did you ever consider what you do most subconsciously from the start of your life to your last breath?

The problem is… most of us get it wrong. If you don’t breathe fully, your cells are not able to do proper O2 and `CO2 exchange which is crucial for proper health.

The way you breathe has a direct impact on your energy, health and wellbeing, but also on your relationships, your performance and wellbeing.

Breath has always been the most underestimated thing. Luckily, it’s changing now and scientific research validates what yogis have been claiming to be super valuable to your health already for thousands of years.

The coolest thing about breathwork is that it’s instant and easy! If you find meditation hard, breathwork is for you!

Breathing right is now more important than ever. According to the World Health Organization 9 out of 10 people breathe in polluted air – at least we would want to breathe right to minimize the effects of polluted air!

Did you know? Many people breathe wrong.

Now is the time to breathe right again to step into the person you want to be!

People like Tony Robbins have their own breathing coaches. Wim Hof, the Iceman, is considered a super-human purely due to the way he works with his breath…

There is a reason why executives, firemen and athletes have used breath coaching to optimize their performance. If you breathe right, it has a myriad of benefits. Breathwork can:

  • help with finding calmness and peace in phases of high stress
  • help you process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma
  • develop or increase self-awareness
  • improve relationships
  • increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem
  • increase joy and happiness
  • overcome addictions
  • reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • release negative thoughts

So, lets get started!!