How to control your emotions so you can let go of stress in less than 15 minutes

31th May, 8.15 pm CET LIVE

Note: this training is for entrepreneurs who want to control their emotions so that they can let go of stress fast. If this is you, go ahead and sign up now. If it’s not, may not be the best to.


I loved every bit of Johanna’s virtual training! It opened up a whole new world to me. Her method allowed me to connect with my breath & body in a more conscious, dynamic, and inspiring way!

Today, I feel much more grounded and relaxed in my busy everyday life. I love Johanna’s positive vibe, high energies and the beauty and style that come with all of her well-structured content.

IRINA NAITHANI | Founder Werise

This class starts in...

By the end of this training you will be able to:

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  • Know how to control your emotions using the Stress Release Formula so that you can let go of stress in < 15 minutes
  • Understand your stress triggers and lower your stress using the stress trigger mapping so that you enjoy your life & work more
  • Follow the secret to being an entrepreneur who is able to control his/her emotions so that you can stop anxiety and fear anytime

Once you watch the full training, I am excited to hear from you about how you can stop your stress spiral in less than 15 minutes.