1:1 Coaching


1:1 Breathwork Journeys

Join me on a very special journey around the world and within!

During this private, personalised 70-minute breathwork package you will not only experience breathwork for yourself but also learn how you can use it to improve your health, wellbeing and mood. You will enter into a deep state of meditation, personal healing, de-stressing and recharging.

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Breathwork Coaching

Your breath is a remote control to the state of your nervous system. You can use different breath patterns to change your state, e.g. change from a state of fight or flight to a state of flow.

Breathwork can also help you change from a state of calmness to a state of high productivity and alertness.


Business Coaching

Proper breathing = Heightened mental and physical performance and increased wellbeing

Science based approach

Scalable across your company through professional virtual sessions via ZOOM

English and German available